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Passion Project: Getting Back Into It

Now that I’ve kicked the cold I’ve had for the past two weeks, i’m ready to actually get back into a regular fitness regimen. A week ago Monday a classmate and I went for a 4 km run along the waterfront, followed by a relaxing walk home. On our run through Beacon Hill Park I noticed a beautiful eagle perched on top of the totem pole. It’s things like this that I have missed being able to see since I’ve stopped running regularly.

Creative Commons Licence
Totem by Zahra is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Although running doesn’t directly impact the muscles used during push ups, it’s an exercise that gives me a great amount of stress release, an endorphin rush, keeps my muscles limber, and gives me more energy. Although I think I got a little too excited my first run out of the gate, and i’m a little sore as a result. That’s what I appreciate about the human body, its ability to be pushed and adapt. Right now i’m focusing on building a series of workouts using fitness builder, so I can create routines that target the muscles used in push ups and strengthen them to help me reach my goal. I will also be running and doing yoga regularly, because I enjoy it, and also because I find it helps the muscles in my body stay relaxed, and increases my range of motion so I don’t experience regular soreness or stiffness. I hope that with a mix of cardio, yoga, and weight training I will be able to reach my goal of doing a set of 10 push ups by the middle of December. That is my goal, however I will continue my workouts until I reach that goal, whether that be in December, or March.


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