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Tech Class: November 18 , 2016

Today in class was an analysis of sorts of a few different tech tools that were presented by classmates. We had a student conferencing in on the robot and a classmate had her kids here who were both very interested in the concept. We learned about the novelty effect and how students are really excited… Continue reading Tech Class: November 18 , 2016

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Hour of Code–What is it?

Coding is a topic that I approached with apprehension at the beginning of EDCI 336. I’ve never been particularly interested in it because it intimidates me. Let me rephrase that – I’ve been curious about it, but too afraid that my lack of computer science background would make it challenging or impossible for me to learn.… Continue reading Hour of Code–What is it?

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Passion Project: Modification

I’ve been working out and working towards my physical goal for about a week and a half now, and I noticed that I haven’t been building muscle and noticing any increase in strength at the rate I’m used to. I’ve been running every other day when it’s not pouring rain (which it has been a lot lately),… Continue reading Passion Project: Modification