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Passion Project: Setbacks

Since my last post I’ve had some success, and some setbacks. I may have still eaten toast for breakfast all last week, BUT I have packed more lunches that consist of fruits and veggies and have noticed an improvement in my energy level – which has translated to my workouts. I completed all my scheduled workouts alternating 21 day fix with custom fitness builder upper body workouts, and started doing wall-push ups with my regular workouts to try and get my form stronger. Coming down from my Halloween high with improved nutrition has felt great, and I’ve been feeling stronger, that was until I had to take a 5 day break from my workout plan.

Last Friday I was cooking dinner and accidentally knocked a pot with post-boiling water (from steamed veggies) onto my bare legs. Understandably, I’ve been in a fair amount of pain since then and have had to postpone working out as any excess movement of fabric and sweat on my legs sends my nerves into a prickly frenzy. Today was my first day back at it, I was nervous, and my workout reflected it. I did a quick 20 minute upper body workout to prevent doing any exercises where my legs would be at risk of touching each other or the ground. It made my burns really itchy, but I’m glad to be working out again. I used to live a very different lifestyle where I ate whatever I wanted and rejected any physical activity. About a year ago after some reflection I changed my lifestyle to monitor my nutrition more closely and make an effort to work out regularly, but my anxiety creeps in when I don’t work out – partially due to the lack of endorphins, and partially due to the fear that I will backslide into old habits. Even though I felt guilty for not being able to work out for  days, I have to remind myself that the new habits I’ve built are strong, and I’ll always come back to my foundation of working out and monitoring my nutrition. I may have experienced setbacks, but I realized that the journey of this passion project is what matters, not that I meet my goal by the deadline. Here’s to a week of modified workouts!

Weekly Push Up Progress: I was able to lower myself down about 2 inches and push myself back up, twice. I did not collapse at all this time!


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