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Hour of Code–What is it?

Coding is a topic that I approached with apprehension at the beginning of EDCI 336. I’ve never been particularly interested in it because it intimidates me. Let me rephrase that – I’ve been curious about it, but too afraid that my lack of computer science background would make it challenging or impossible for me to learn. If my inquiry project into risk taking in learning has taught me anything, it’s that fear of making mistakes and seeming unknowledgeable is what’s holding me back. And that’s not an acceptable mindset, it’s a fixed mindset! It’s so easy to identify others as fixed or growth mindset focused, but it’s hard to recognize that YOU may be in a fixed mindset. Maybe not for everything, maybe just for something that scares or challenges you.

When I realized that my mindset for coding  was fixed, I knew I needed to dive head first into the topics that I’m apprehensive or nervous about. I knew that I needed to revisit my crippling fear of coding. Which is why I was so glad to find this post about the hour of coding on my feed today! From December 5-11 Computer Science Education hosts The Hour of Code through a series of self guided tutorials that you can follow with your class, or do on your own. The map below shows all the scheduled events that will be going on during the weeklong event, but you’ll notice Canada doesn’t have too many dots on the map! If you’ve ever been interested in coding but have been apprehensive, I encourage you to host an Hour of Code with your class during Computer Science Education Week. Get more students involved in the process of coding at a young age, and watch their interest develop. Have a look at the original post for more information. Hope to “see” you in December!


Coding–that mystical geeky subject that confounds students and teachers alike. Confess, when you think of coding, you see: …when you should see December 5-11, Computer Science Education will host the Hour Of Code–a one-hour introduction to coding, programming, and why students should love it. It’s designed to demystify “code” and show that anyone can learn the…

via Hour of Code–What is it? — Ask a Tech Teacher


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