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Passion Project and Course Reflections

Today was our official last day of class, so a few of my classmates shared their passion projects with the rest of us. I didn’t feel like mine was worth sharing because I hadn’t reached a final product, but as I listened to the presentations I realized that everyone’s project was an imperfect journey –… Continue reading Passion Project and Course Reflections

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Passion Project: Modification

I’ve been working out and working towards my physical goal for about a week and a half now, and I noticed that I haven’t been building muscle and noticing any increase in strength at the rate I’m used to. I’ve been running every other day when it’s not pouring rain (which it has been a lot lately),… Continue reading Passion Project: Modification

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Passion Project: Getting Back Into It

Now that I’ve kicked the cold I’ve had for the past two weeks, i’m ready to actually get back into a regular fitness regimen. A week ago Monday a classmate and I went for a 4 km run along the waterfront, followed by a relaxing walk home. On our run through Beacon Hill Park I noticed a… Continue reading Passion Project: Getting Back Into It

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Push Up Passion Project

Push ups. They have always been my enemy.  They were a requirement of the antiquated physical education program at my middle and high school, a requirement that I always failed. I never understood why testing upper body strength was paramount in being able to assess my physical fitness. I played soccer, field hockey, basketball, and… Continue reading Push Up Passion Project