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Passion Project: Modification

I’ve been working out and working towards my physical goal for about a week and a half now, and I noticed that I haven’t been building muscle and noticing any increase in strength at the rate I’m used to. I’ve been running every other day when it’s not pouring rain (which it has been a lot lately),… Continue reading Passion Project: Modification

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Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

Today our edci 336 Technology Innovation in Education class was lucky enough to be given a tour around the Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry, guided by the founder and principal educator Jeff Hopkins. His experience as the previous superintendent of School  District No.64 has given him a wealth of experience to create and operate an impressive school that focuses… Continue reading Pacific School of Innovation and Inquiry

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Passion Project: Getting Back Into It

Now that I’ve kicked the cold I’ve had for the past two weeks, i’m ready to actually get back into a regular fitness regimen. A week ago Monday a classmate and I went for a 4 km run along the waterfront, followed by a relaxing walk home. On our run through Beacon Hill Park I noticed a… Continue reading Passion Project: Getting Back Into It

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EdCamp Victoria

  This semester I was lucky enough to participate in Edcamp Victoria with a large number of the students in my cohort. Edcamp is a unique “unconference” with no planned schedule, that relies on the attendees to brainstorm topics upon arrival and vote on which ones they would like to explore the most. I wish I… Continue reading EdCamp Victoria